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Special Terrace House is a design, renovate / construct business hosted by Martyn Calleia (builders licence no 74692c) specially geared towards providing for the requirements of Terrace House owners only. 

Originally starting out as Special Terrace House Attic Conversions in the year 2000, with the motto "Another one in your suburb we’re proud of" Martyn designed and built attic conversions in a small block of just a few streets within Surry Hills. Working from word of mouth referrals and the annual displays there is now over 48 dormer windows extending from existing terrace house roofs, lining various streets and lanes around Surry Hills alone (plus a handful of others in nearby suburbs.) 

pastedGraphic-5_textmediumMartyn's dormers are characterised by their traditional proportions, routered window boards on either side of the front dormer window with capital moulds, decorative ornate barge boards, timber panelled eaves, traditional rusticated cladding, and from 2002 onwards, the exposed rafters, sill board and match existing window horns.

In order to diversify, Martyn also reserviced existing clients to extend from just attic conversions to structural wall removals, bathroom conversions and ground floor additions.

“The intention for Special Terrace House is not to become a large building company, the cheapest, or the most expensive but just to provide the very best product and service that money can buy ”-after all what we provide at SPECIAL Terrace House is creating a specialist one stop service that retains and builds on the quality and value of your investment in your Terrace.

Special Terrace House is a very proud business, we’re proud of our success, proud of our product, proud of our subcontractors and we guarantee to make you proud of your newly renovated terrace house.

Special Terrace House

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