Designing & Plan Drawing •

Based on a site meeting regarding your intentions for your terrace house we will assess the zoning and our work load necessary then provide you with a fee proposal for the associated plans and documentation for council development approval. click here to see recently designed examples of a ground floor addition for a young family


At this stage, prior to going ahead with a design, we will let you know the difference in council plan prices we would charge for the following options.

1) Agreeing to a construction cost with us, based on our tender documents and quote prepared at design stage, or

2) The option of owning use of our plan for other quotes and one off construction use for your particular terrace house address.



Upon your acceptance of our design fee an instruction for preparation of design is signed, a copy is then held by each party and the design fee is paid to Special Terrace House to get started.

The design fee is a small nominal fee for the design you require and is subject to copyright.

With regard to your requirements for your terrace house, we discuss with you the relevant council control plans and rules applicable to the zone for which your terrace house is situated and suggest designs that we’ve produced, that could possibly suit your terrace house.

After measuring up your terrace house, your design and quote will generally take about 2-3 weeks which will provide you with floor plans of your design with an associated quote for each level.

Once designed and prior to presentation we check to see that the design will work on our program with correspondence to associated elevations for head clearances and furniture layouts.


This is a very important step to ensure that the design will work with relation to head clearances above and below stairs and that the designed stair complies with the Building Code of Australia.

Upon your acceptance of our quote or acceptance of the plans only option, we draw the plans and submit them to council subject to the agreement option chosen.

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